Welcome to PRIME!

The Protocol for Review of Instructional Materials for ELLs (PRIME) training and correlation program was created by WIDA in response to member states seeking instructional materials that correlate to the WIDA English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards. This program is designed to offer a process for publishers, independent correlators, and state and local education agencies to determine the ways in which key components of the WIDA ELP Standards are represented in textbooks, ancillary materials, on-line resources, and other instructional materials.

The PRIME training and correlation program includes high-quality trainings covering:

  • The WIDA ELP Standards
  • Criteria included in the PRIME inventory
  • WIDA PRIME Correlations
Please note that WIDA does not endorse any set of instructional materials. ELL teachers work in a range of environments that may include pull-out classes, stand-alone classes, or a combination thereof and the needs of their ELL students vary widely. For that reason, teachers should consider the information contained in the WIDA PRIME correlations along with other questions listed in the FAQs to determine how particular materials best meet their needs.